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1 Day Bwindi Gorilla Safari

Gorilla Expeditions Ability is evidenced in its ability to organize a 1 Day Rwanda Gorilla Trek, 1 Day Lake Victoria Fishing Safari & 2 Day Gorilla Trek Rwanda , 1  Day Gorilla Trek to  Bwindi impenetrable forest though it’s a very risky trip since this forest lies a multitude of miles away from the capital city-Kampala which is their base area.

Mountain gorillas in Uganda are found and trekked from the great Bwindi impenetrable forest which lies in the western part of the country.So truth be told no one can drive this distance and go gorilla trekking in a single day. So a one day gorilla trekking in Bwindi only caters for people living around this forest in areas of Kisoro, Kabale or Kihihi especially volunteers.

1 Day Bwindi Gorilla Safari

Enjoy a 1 Day Gorilla Safari Uganda with Gorilla Expeditions

So for you to be taken for gorilla trekking by gorilla expeditions, you must book with us in advance by remitting money for your gorilla trekking permit so that they can purchase it in advance in order for you to be able to trek these primates on your preferred date without any hindrance as at times these permits get over and some people end up missing out on their preferred dates. Ugandan gorilla permits cost $ 600 USD each in high season and then in the low season they are discounted to $350 USD each.

All you have to do is to let us know your place of residence especially volunteers who are staying in areas of Kisoro,Kabale Kihihi,Butogota and Kanungu.This is kind of trip is not for anyone outside those areas as you cannot make it to the park for the start of the trekking experience in time within one day. So on the day of this trip, you will rise up very early in the morning and have your breakfast. You will be met by our company driver at exactly 6:00 am since he will also have spent a night around there and together with your packed lunch you will jump on to your comfortable safari jeep and you will drive for 1hr and 30 min to the park headquarters reaching in time for briefing and allocation of gorilla family to be trekked. Our driver will give you enough mineral water to carry on your trek since you would become thirsty due to the terrain and topography of the forest-very hilly.

From here you will enter into the forest with the guides who will lead you in the search for these gentle apes beginning from where they were left the previous day. Your driver will wait for you at the base of the forest where you will find him at the end of this trek.

The time you will spend in the forest will depend on how fast or how long you will take to find these primates at times it take a full day and on certain occasions it can prove to be as short as 4 hours. After finding these primates, you will be given one hour amidst them as you take your best shots of photographs with your flash switched off. After this search, you will be totally full of this life time experience and at the same time tired and exhausted. You will go for your gorilla trekking certificate and link up with your driver who will then drive you back to your place of residence and this will mark this one day gorilla trekking experience courtesy of gorilla expeditions.

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Established in the spring of 2000 by Ssali Billy,at the time already a well-known figure in the tourism scenario of our Country, Active African Vacations, with registered office in Kampala & Kigali, brings together two of the most significant players in African Tourism Industry.

Gorilla Expeditions is managed by company Called Active African Vacations Limited with Offices in Kampala Uganda and Rwanda Kigali. Gorilla Expeditions has a Team of About 12 Members plus Experienced Guides.

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