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An African safari isn’t a passive experience But a Great Experience with Gorilla Expeditions , Enjoy the Mountain Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda, Uganda and Congo with a Combined Safari designed by the Team of Experts from Active African Vacations Limited .

Gorilla Expeditions Safaris It isn’t just about glimpsing Gorillas in the Jungle But also Wildlife safaris inclusive on Honey Moon Safari. An African Safari is an absolutely Vacation Holiday to relax on the Honey Moon Holiday . Allow Gorilla Expeditions ‘s safari experts to handcraft your perfect immersion, bringing harmonic luxury to the natural wonder, and tailoring your dream African safari.

Our Safaris:

5 Days Uganda Rwanda Safari

Explore Rwanda primate in Uganda and Rwanda on a Honeymoon Gorilla Safari, Read More

7 Days Rwanda Uganda Safari

Enjoy a Combined 7 Days Rwanda & Uganda Gorilla Safari Experience, Read More

8 Days Rwanda Uganda Safari

Explore Mountain Gorillas in Virunga Massif on 8 Days Rwanda Uganda Safari,Read More

12 Days Rwanda Uganda Primates

Explore Rwanda & Uganda on Mega Combined Primates Holiday,take a Gorilla Safari,Read More

7 Days Uganda Safari

Explore Uganda Wildlife & gorillas on 7 Days Uganda Safari Holiday, Read More

8 Days Uganda mega Safari

Enjoy 8 Days Uganda primate Safari even Wildlife Experience ,Read More

10 Days Best Uganda Safari

Visit Uganda Wild places and Mountain Gorillas on 10 Days Uganda Safari, Read More

14 Days Uganda Gorilla Safari

Visit Bwindi Gorillas for Gorilla Trekking Experience on 14 Days Uganda Gorilla Safari, Read More

7 Days Rwanda Gorilla Safari

Watch the Rwanda Primates on 7 Days Gorilla Safari adventure, Read More


10 Days
Primate Adventure